Just recently, Remedy Entertainment released their new game Control. It was very well received by critics and gamers, so the developers are already looking ahead for the future content to keep Control relevant for months to come.  Yesterday, Remedy has revealed their plans for 2019-2020 content release schedule which made fans even more excited, since it hints the return of another popular Remedy Entertainment franchise Alan Wake.

The update series will kick off with a free addition of Photo Mode which should come to the game this fall as a free update. Nothing too fancy here – Photo Mode will allow players to remove the HUD and take photos during their play. Having in mind the visuals of Control, it’s a much-welcomed addition to the game.

Next update is set for December, it is called Expeditions. According to Remedy, the update will bring a new end-game mode which will pose a real challenge to the player. It’s also worth mentioning that Expeditions will expand the in-game story which is always nice to have in a free game update.

2020 will begin with the first paid Control game expansion called The Foundation, it will further expand upon the game’s story with a new tale of the Oldest House. The developers said that The Foundation will get even crazier than the original game, hinting that players should ‘expect things to get weird’.

Finally, the mysterious second expansion, AWE, will only come in mid-2020. If you’re a fan of Alan Wake games, you might recognize the visual details from the title in this roadmap’s poster. While Remedy says that AWE expansion will allow players to explore a new section of the Oldest House, it’s fairly obvious that Remedy has some kind of crossover with their hit game in plans. We’re even more confident about this theory because Remedy has just recently regained all rights to the Alan Wake franchise and it’s about time the studio does something about it.

Control is currently out on PC and consoles. If you haven’t played it yet, be sure to check our price for the title