If you love racing games or just recently started exploring our racing game collection, you might already know Codemasters. It’s a studio that created a lot of racing titles and is known for its great offroad racing simulator series such as DiRT (previously Colin McRae Rally). And now another offroad rally series are soon to be picked up by the same studio. Codemasters announced that they acquired the World Rally Championship license and will be creating some new entries in the series.

However, the new WRC won’t be coming soon. The news suggests that Codemasters will become the official licensor only in 2023, so that means that we can expect the first Codemaster’s WRC title only by 2024. In any case, it’s nice to know that the legendary rally series won’t be forgotten and gets a new developer that understands how to make a proper rally game.

As for now, rally fans can look forward to DiRT 5 which was announced last month. The game is in development for current and next-generation consoles and should be coming out a bit later in 2020.

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