If you like playing strategy games, you might be still enjoying one of the biggest grand strategy games of our time – Civilization. The latest addition to the popular series by Firaxis – Civilization VI – is getting its final free game update of the season. The sixth and final update for the game’s New Frontier Pass will be released on April 22nd and will bring new units, new maps, and more.

According to the information provided, all game civilizations will get three brand new units – the Line Infantry, the Man-At-Arms, and Trebuchet. In addition, True Start mode (a mode where we’re able to start our civilization development based on its original world location) received 2 new maps – True Start Mediterranean and a True Start Earth Huge.

Moreover, developers of the game said that because of these new, free additions the pacing of each Civ development also needed some changes, so the team took the opportunity and tweaked the game’s balance across the board.

You can learn about it in the latest Developer Update video below:

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Civilization VI’s last update came just in time for the genre fans. Later this summer we’re getting another great grand strategy game called Humankind. It’s heavily inspired by this series so when you’re done playing the final update, be sure to check this one out too!