Yesterday, fans of PlayStation were treated by a new State of Play episode which was dedicated to the biggest upcoming exclusive game. Of course, we’re talking about The Last of Us Part II which is scheduled to be released on June 19th. Ahead of its release, Sony and Naughty Dog decided to show some gameplay.

Of course, this show wasn’t as smooth as some might’ve expected. A few weeks ago we wrote about some of the game spoilers going live on the internet and some douche bags went on a live stream to spoil the fun for everyone trying to watch State of Play in peace. In any case, comments are now turned off so if you missed the stream, it’s safe to watch it now.

Those who managed to avoid comments and chat were treated by some new gameplay and story details. Naughty Dog showed off some new enemies such as Sneakers and Shamblers, new stealth mechanics, and more. In addition, in The Last of Us Part II, our NPC companions should be way more useful in combat than in the first game.

Truth be told, it’s better to see it for yourself at least once than read about it a thousand times. Take a look:

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