If you’re reading our blog, you have seen posts about how souls and stealth games can improve valuable character traits or even help with mental health challenges, but how about simulator games? Can they teach you real-life skills?

We hear a lot about simulator games being more than just a chance to walk a mile in someone else’s shoes, but is there any truth to that? Can simulation games really teach valuable skills and give the knowledge you can use in the real world? Let’s find out.

Which simulator games can teach real-life skills?

PC Building Simulator

Many PC gamers dream of building their own gaming rig, but how many actually have the skill to do it or even understand how PCs work? No, there is no shame in not understanding and accepting your flaw is the first step to changing that. Get hold of PC Building Simulator, a game that allows you to build, yes, you’ve guessed it – PCs! While you may not be using your hands to build an actual PC, the game has a huge variety of licensed computer parts from real-world manufacturers which will help you understand what part goes where, and what it does.

PC Building Simulator can teach how PCs work.

The career mode allows you to fix other people’s PCs with a certain budget by ordering parts, fixing computers, and growing your PC building business. Free building mode will let you build PCs by choosing any existing parts in the game. But don’t worry, you can be a complete noob at this, the game has a tutorial that explains what a particular part does and how to start building your PC. By playing PC Building Simulator you’ll gain knowledge of how computers work and the confidence to build your first gaming beast.

Learn to build a PC with PC Building Simulator

Microsoft Flight Simulator

Have you ever heard the legend about the Sky King by any chance? In 2018 a 29-year-old ground service operator Richard Russell stole a Horizon Air Bombardier Dash 8 Q400 airliner. Flying the plane, he performed impossible stunts and tricks, which impressed even the best pilots in the world. During the conversations on the radio, he claimed he knew what he was doing as he learned to fly a plane in a video game. Sadly, he took his own life crashing the aircraft onto Ketron Island. 

Microsoft Flight Simulator may teach a lot about planes.

As tragic as the end of his story was, one thing is certain – video games can teach you how to fly a plane. What game was the Sky King playing? Only one comes to mind – Microsoft Flight Simulator. The latest version is praised by anyone who’s played it for realistic simulation, massive open world (it’s the whole planet!), and the recreation of real-world landmarks. By playing MFS you may learn how the plane works, but please, don’t go stealing one.

Rather, buy Microsoft Flight Simulator cheaper and fly over the world safely from your home.

Farming Simulator

It seems that Farming Simulator has a cult following. But why is it so popular? Because it allows people to escape their mundane lives and experience life on the farm, or is there something more to the game?

Farming Simulator

Yes, it still isn’t real farming and is only a game, but it can teach a lot about how to manage the farm, prepare the land, and grow crops. This isn’t Stardew Walley where you plant a seed and it simply grows. No, you need to know your farming equipment and put it to proper use. You need to use fertilizers for the crops to grow and know what works and what doesn’t. Add weather conditions and seasonal changes and you have realistic farming experience. This knowledge does transfer to the real world and who knows, maybe you’ll get inspired to drop your big city life and sit behind the wheel of a tractor?

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Car Mechanic Simulator

Just like the PC Building Simulator, the Car Mechanic Simulator works in a similar fashion. You may have a car, but do you know how it actually works? Can you fix it? This game can teach a lot about how cars and even particular parts work and function. Wanna know how to build an engine without taking your car apart? You’re in luck because the Car Mechanic Simulator can provide a lot of useful information. Many gamers claimed they didn’t have the slightest idea of how cars worked before playing the simulator games, and after getting their feet wet they even found the courage to try fixing their real vehicles.

Car Mechanic Simulator can teach how cars work

The game also has a career mode where you can find abandoned cars, restore them and take them for a test drive. This just might be a cool experience for car nerds who want to get their hands under the hood but don’t know where to even begin. Fixing cars is a useful skill and you can start practicing and gaining knowledge with the Car Mechanic Simulator. 

Learn all about cars with Car Mechanic Simulator

Yes, simulator games may not let you try out the things you’re doing in the games as you’re not using your actual hands, nonetheless, you can pick up some valuable knowledge while playing.