The developers of the latest Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, Infinity Ward decided to celebrate Thanksgiving with a special gift for the community. From this day on until December 2nd every activity in the game grants double player and weapon XP. So, if you were lagging behind a bit, now it’s a great time to catch up.

What’s cool about this short event is its timing. Double XP event is kicking off just after the biggest content drop in Call of Duty history and just before the start of Season 1, which is scheduled for December 3rd.

The news about this double XP event comes from a new blog post on Activision’s site which dives deeper into the progression of Season 1. Once the season starts, your current Officer Rank will be locked in place and you’ll earn your special ribbons for the particular rank you managed to achieve prior to the start of the season.

However, with Season 1, every player will begin their journey from the very start. Here’s a couple of details from Activision:

“At the start of Season 1, those who have made it into the Officer Ranks (Rank 56+) will have their Officer Rank refreshed, beginning a new journey up the Season 1 Officer Progression track (from Rank 56 to 155). Players will find another 100 ribbons to earn through a new set of challenges, leading up to a new and distinct animated emblem.

Anything you’ve earned in the Enlisted Ranks, as well as your Mission progress, Blueprint weapons, and Combat Record stats, will be carried over. If you haven’t reached the Officer Ranks by the time Season 1 begins (that is, you’re Rank 54 or less on December 3), you’ll continue to progress through the remaining Enlisted Ranks, before entering the Season 1 Officer Rank Progression.”

Of course, Pre-season and Season 1 participants will be eligible for some awesome rewards, so – if you don’t want to miss out – be sure to get into action now.