In a couple of recent Q&A sessions with World of Warcraft developers, it was apparent that the company is toying with an idea to squish the levels of the game. Now it seems like the idea is becoming a reality. As reported by redditor Nivens, Blizzard is sending out surveys with questions regarding the level squish.

The relevant questions in the survey can be found below:

For quite a while now, leveling aspect in World of Warcraft has been struggling to provide a meaningful experience. In the past, every new level provided players with a talent point, while the new expansions removed this reward entirely. Over time, your character level became just another meaningless number.

The problem with numerous levels became even more apparent after 7.3.5 patch where Blizzard introduced level scaling for old World of Warcraft zones. This meant that in some cases, you’d level up a character and get no new abilities or talents, and this then resulted in enemies becoming stronger compared to your character growing weaker.

Of course, level squish is a touchy subject for the majority of level 120 World of Warcraft players. You wouldn’t want to feel like the game just took away your progress. However, in its current state, leveling overhaul simply seems inevitable. New players want to feel that every single level affects the character – fact. At least It’s nice to see that prior to the implementation of a new system Blizzard is gathering feedback from the community.