Time and time again we have to talk about Anthem. It’s one of the biggest EA and BioWare’s investments into the future and certainly one of the biggest flops in video game history. What started as a game project for the upcoming 10 years ended up being forgetful experience players abandoned in the first few weeks. However, according to Kotaku, BioWare doesn’t want to abandon the game just yet and started building its reboot referred to as “Anthem Next” or “Anthem 2.0”.

According to this report, BioWare is laying out its plan to fix the game in a series of updates. From what we gather, it’s a similar plan to the one employed by Hello Games and their game No Man’s Sky (if you’re interested, we’ve already talked about No Man’s Sky path to redemption on our other blog post). The game should receive a series of big content updates, overhauling game’s core systems, mission structure, loot mechanics, world story, etc.

Apparently, nothing in the current game is out of the question for an overhaul. Sources say that the new Anthem will remain a shared-world action game starring Javelins, but everything else seems to be up in the air. We have to agree that there’s a lot of things that need to change in order to make us believe that Anthem is carving its own path to redemption.

However, after a series of content update delays, and high profile game industry members abandoning BioWare, it’s a bit hard for us to trust their good intentions. Some sources say that Anthem Next might even be a separate game similar to Final Fantasy 14: A Realm Reborn – a complete and utter do-over. However, we shouldn’t expect anything – this weird Anthem Next project should be dedicated to those who’ve already got Anthem purchased. Anthem Next would anger all its current fans – if it would be some kind of paid DLC, or a separate game entirely. But with EA you can never know…