PC is an incredibly popular gaming platform. So popular, in fact, that a vast majority of console games are eventually being released on PC as well. There’s no other gaming platform that can rival PC in terms of the sheer number of games available, which means there’s a big pool of games to choose from when picking out the best PC games released over the last decade or so.

However, some have managed to stand out in a way that has forever lodged these games into the minds of those who played them. They are games that seem as close to perfection as they could possibly get for the time they were released. They filled holes in genres that were lacking, gained popularity, and have maintained it ever since. There are many great PC games, no doubt about that, but the games below are crème de la crème, the very best PC games that are in the market today!

World of Warcraft

WoW is one of the best games ever, bar none. However, with the game being released in 2004, you would think that it has gotten old by now. The truth is, it hasn’t! If there was only one company you could trust to keep an online game going, it’s Blizzard and they prove this point with World of Warcraft!

Even though the game was released 15 years ago, the latest major expansion came out as recently as August 2018, which led to the game still feeling like one of the best PC games currently out. WoW is the basis upon which numerous MMORPG have been built on and it has been leading the way for the genre since its release. It is a game that revolutionized the industry and one that will surely have its place in the annals of gaming history forever!


Grand Theft Auto is a franchise that is known all around the world and is often recognized even by those who haven’t even played the games. GTA games have put Rockstar on the map and turned it into one of the biggest game development companies today! GTA V is easily one of the best PC games right now, which is proved by the fact that it has some of the largest concurrent player numbers in gaming, even though it was released more than 5 years ago!

The characters in this particular game really come to life thanks to great voice-over work and an immersive storyline. You will still be able to roam around and do whatever you want if that’s your thing, much like in previous GTA titles. Grand Theft Auto 5 has maintained the best of what the previous titles had to offer and topped it off with best graphics and gameplay mechanics in the series so far, which is more than enough to make it one of the best PC games in the modern era!

Civilization 6

When it comes to the turn-based strategy genre, the Civilization franchise is arguably the most recognizable. The vast amount of gameplay that can be experienced in Civilization 6 can only be rivaled by Civilization 5, as nothing else in this genre can really compare!

Here you can take control of a vast array of different civilizations spanning through the centuries. There are literally dozens of leaders that you can take the role of in the game, that span across all continents in the world. Each of them with unique qualities, strengths, and weaknesses. Is it one of the best PC games just because of the amount of content? Of course not! Civilization 6 simply has everything you could come to expect from a great TBS game, and it looks like it will continue to please the gaming community for years to come!

The Witcher 3: The Wild Hunt

There is a reason why The Witcher 3 is regarded as one of the best open-world games to ever be released. We had massive worlds that are fun to explore before, we also had immersive storylines. What we have never had, however, is a combination of the two that would provide the best of both worlds! This opened up a door for one of the best PC games to be released.

May 19th of 2015 marked the day that The Witcher 3 first saw the light of day and it was instantly recognized to be an absolute marvel of a game. The aura of exploration that it provided was unrivaled since the release of another game that will be mentioned below! It incorporated a thorough storyline so seamlessly that not a minute in the game feels like a grind. Arguably no other game since has managed to repeat this feat and it feels like The Witcher 3 will continue to be in the talks about the best PC games ever!

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

If you ever played Skyrim, you probably knew this one was coming. How could it not be! It has now been nearly 8 years since Skyrim was released and it is still nearly unrivaled in terms of what the game has to offer. Does the game provide an immersing and thrilling storyline? Yes, the story is up to par with what you’d come to expect from Bethesda, however, it is not what the game is famous for.

What you get from Skyrim is unparalleled open-world exploration that has paved the way for the open-world RPG’s that followed. Some of the best PC games, such as the previously mentioned The Witcher 3, may have never come to fruition if it wasn’t for Skyrim. If that isn’t a sign of a great game, then I don’t know what is!

The games above are a large part of the reason why PC gaming is thriving today, most of them have already been keeping us entertained for years and show no signs of stopping yet! If you want to have your hand on the best experiences that gaming has to offer right now, look no further than the best PC games above!