With the new chapter of Battlefield V called Defying the Odds, the game received a new free map called Al Sudan. It is set in northern Africa and will be familiar to the players who played through single-player campaign of the game.

Previously Al Sudan map was seen in Under No Flag chapter of the campaign. In a mission titled Behind Enemy Lines, players got a chance to run around the African desert oasis filled with small buildings. However, in multiplayer the map will play out in a bit different manner. DICE describes Al Sudan as a very versatile map that will accommodate many different play styles.

Al Sudan features 6 different capture points with huge open areas in between. The map will also feature a lot of different vehicles, including planes, for players to traverse the terrain safely. However, if you like to play Battlefield V on your own two feet, be sure to stack up some smoke screens to stay hidden from the enemy. Al Sudan currently supports two game modes including Squad Conquest and Team Deathmatch but DICE has plans to include more game modes in the near future.

While Al Sudan is the first free DLC map of this summer, it’s not the last. In July, players will get a chance to explore Marita, a location set in Greece. More maps are planned to be released in the future – DICE confirmed that all of them will be free. So, in order to play them, you’ll just need a copy of the game. Check out our price for Battlefield V.