If you’re among the people who still play Battlefield 5, you’ll be pleased to know that on May 30th you’ll get a new free update. This update features a new map called Mercury, which is set in Greece, in the Mediterranean.

The new map is a part of Battlefield V’s Chapter3: Trial By Fire Update, which was announced in the past. According to DICE, Mercury map is based on the events of Operation Mercury which happened in 1941. The official description says that ‘this map lets you deploy on the coast of Crete where British take on the invading German forces’.

Additionally, in its blog post DICE told that the new map will be all about verticality, all-out war, and asymmetrical vehicle forces. While British troops will be able to board tanks and a few rusty planes, Germans will be superior in the sky.

Here’s a short summary about Mercury map provided by DICE:









If you are interested to learn more about the new Mercury map, we suggest you read the full post by DICE. It has a lot of details about each point in the new map alongside a few tips and tricks to succeed in Crete.

As for the Battlefield 5 game in general, it’s nice to see the developers working hard to re-spark the interest in the game after a shallow launch. Previously, DICE added a very popular battle-royale mode Firestorm and keeps on bringing new free content updates alongside various bug fixes.

It’s safe to say that you probably won’t find a better time to join the game than right here, right now. Be sure to check out our price for Battlefield 5!