If you were watching Twitch during the last couple of days, you might’ve noticed a couple of unusual games climbing to the top of the viewership charts. This was due to the annual Awesome Games Done Quick event in which the speedrunner community were playing their favorite games in order to raise money for the charity. And this year they raised a record amount of money!

The event ran from January 6th until January 12th. According to the organizers, the live event was attended by 2750 people while viewership on Twitch surpassed 236 000. Such an insane amount of people also managed to donate a ridiculous amount of money for the Prevent Cancer Foundation. 

According to the data, Awesome Games Done Quick 2020 raised 3 131 475 dollars from more than 54 000 individual donations. This is the biggest amount of money donated in all of Awesome Games Done Quick event history which spans for over 10 years.

During these 10 years, Games Done Quick events raised more than 25 million dollars for various charity organizations and the great initiative is far from over. The organizers have already announced their next event, which will be happening during June.

As for the 10th Awesome Games Done Quick, the record event had a lot of cool moments (and games done quick, of course). You can catch up with all the action and speedrun records on the official YouTube channel. And here’s a short recap of 2020s event:

Lastly, we should mention that donations remain open on the official site, so if you want to join this noble Awesome Games Done Quick cause, be sure to check out their web.