The game that started the whole auto-battler trend is now gearing up to be the first of its kind to reach console gamers. According to the Dragonest (a new partner of Drodo Studios), Auto Chess should be released on PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch sometime next year.

The news came last weekend, during the fan meetup held in Tokyo, where Loring Lee, the CEO of Dragonest said that the team is hoping to release Auto Chess on consoles during 2020. After a very successful launch on mobile, the development team is currently working on its PC version which is currently in beta testing on Epic Games Store. However, it seems that beta is nearing its end and the team behind Auto Chess is looking for new horizons to further expand the audience of their game.

Having in mind the fact that the biggest Auto Chess competitors such as Dota Underlords and Teamfight Tactics are only released for PC players, console release sounds like a smart move in order to expand the game’s reach. However, for some reason, the developers only talked about Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4, leaving Xbox One on the side-lines. Weird, right?

In any case, the console release might be a long way off, so things might change until then. Currently, the development team is preparing to release a new Auto Chess update for mobile and PC users which is planned for this year. Here are some key features:

  • In-game voice chat option.
  • A four-vs-four battle mode.
  • A tournament feature with large lobbies of anywhere from 32 to 64 players can participate and are scored based on their rank.
  • Match replay features.

You can learn more about Auto Chess and its future plans on the official website.