The new Apex Legends season is just around the corner. Next week fans of the game will be able to enjoy the start of Fortune’s Favor content drop including all the goodies it promises to bring to our beloved game. Among those goodies, there’s a new PvE mode where players will be able to participate in weekly hunts.

The whole new mode will be fairly simple. You’ll drop on Kings Canyon map and get an objective to retrieve a treasure pack. Your mission will be to find the treasure and avoid AI-controlled enemies along the way. You can see how it will work in the game by watching the video below:

At the start of the Fortune’s Favor, there will be 9 unique treasure packs, upon collecting them all will earn you a special artifact and rewards that come with it. On May 19th there will be 9 different quest hunts with additional hunts unlocking every week. You will be able to do these solo or together with your squad. More info can be found here:

In addition to the new mode, there’s also a new Legend joining the roster. The new character is named Loba and will bring some additional mobility to the game. It appears that the signature Loba’s ability is a new teleportation device that will allow her to teleport between places and cover a lot more ground. In addition, her ultimate will allow her to steal nearby loot.

If you’re interested to join Apex Legends before the new season, want to catch up with the rest of the community, or just need some additional funds to finish up your season 4 purchases, be sure to check out our Apex collection here.