Get ready, folks! Apex Legends’ second season is right around the corner. Season 2 is kicking off next week (July 2nd) and the developers of the game, Respawn Entertainment, already shared the first full trailer of the patch called Battle Charge which reveals a lot of cool details coming to the game. Check it out:

In the trailer, Respawn Entertainment teases a new hacker legend (rumored to be called Crypto) and re-introduces Kings Canyon after the transformation. In addition, the EMP explosion, caused by the hack, destroys the Repulsor tower which has some undesired consequences. 

The trailer features a bunch of dinosaur-like creatures invading the island which will be killable by the players in order to get some loot. Furthermore, this then allows giant leviathans to step on the map, destroying many familiar locations.

However, map changes won’t be the only new thing coming with Apex Legends Season 2 update. We already know that the new legend, named Wattson, is about to make her way into the character roster. She’ll be able to create electric fences, recharge her team’s shields and block damage from the enemy projectiles.

Apex Legends Season 2 will also add a new Battle Pass which should be way better than the first one. Get prepared!