Even though Apex Legends seems like the newest and shiniest gem on the games market, it’s still plagued by the same problems other competitive shooter games have – cheaters. Since the launch of the game on February 5th, Apex Legends moderators already banned more than 16 000 accounts for cheating.

However, 16 000 might just be the very start, since for now, Apex Legends doesn’t have an in-game reporting system. In order to report suspicious behaviour, the player must file a ticket on the official support website, ideally, with some sort of proof of bannable offence (video clip, screenshot, or anything else that would prove the claim). Respawn Entertainment says it takes all reports seriously, even without the direct proof, and each reported account is investigated individually.

It is nice to hear that Respawn Entertainment is working hard to keep their game fair towards players, however, the current reporting system is way too complicated. The developers of Apex Legends seem to agree that the current reporting system is tricky and have announced that the team is hard at work on implementing this feature directly into the game.

The next patch of Apex Legends will be going live sometime this week, but it’s optimistic to expect the reporting system to be implemented in-game so fast. We’ll just have to be patient and for now; recording any suspicious player behavior via third-party software is our best bet.