If you were wondering what you should play on Valentine’s Day with your significant other, worry not. Respawn Entertainment has you covered. According to a new announcement Apex Legends will once again enable Duos mode for a limited time so you could set a trap for your enemies together.

Longtime fans of Apex Legends might remember the iconic Duos mode which had a brief run last November. However, this cozy game mode was taken out of the game since, according to Respawn, it wasn’t very balanced or fair. However, Valentine’s Day is as good of an occasion as any to bring back the beloved mode for another brief run. The announcement states that Apex Legends Duos will be available for everyone from February 11th until February 18th.

However, that’s not all. With lovers in mind, the developers behind the game are also giving a limited-time double XP boost for those who will be participating in Duos battle royale. However, you won’t be able to grind it indefinitely since there’s a daily 20K XP limit.

As with all limited-time events, there are some exclusive rewards up for grabs. Everyone who will log in to the game during the days of the event will get a new Valentine’s 2020 badge. In addition, there are some premium cosmetics – new gun charms, “Through the Heart” Longbow and “Love of the Game” Pathfinder Frame. 

All of these cosmetics can be bought with Apex coins from the in-game store. If by some chance you’ve spent all of your in-game currency earlier, worry not. Eneba currently has a great Apex Legends collection to mark the start of Season 4. Be sure to check out our prices! And if you missed the start of the new season be sure to glimpse at the new trailer: