About a year ago, Electronic Arts started to carry over its library from Origin to another popular PC games platform – Steam. Next month, one of the biggest EA published games will become accessible there – Apex Legends is coming to Steam!

According to the news, those who have been playing Apex Legends on Origin will be able to seamlessly switch back and forth between launchers, since the progression and items unlocked are tied to your Apex Legends account, not just your game’s launcher. All of the progress you did previously will carry over, so players won’t need to start a new account. 

To further boost the Steam install rate, Electronic Arts will serve up some digital goodies. Apex Legends players who will decide to log-in via Steam will get free gun charms based on popular Valve’s titles. You will be able to earn GLaDOS potato charm, Companion Cube, or Octane as hear crab victim.

So if you’d like to snag these cosmetics and don’t mind downloading Apex Legends once again, be sure to check it out as soon as it launches. According to the announcement, Apex Legends should debut on Steam with the launch of the game’s Season 7, on November 4th – right after the Halloween event concludes. It’s also worth mentioning that Season 7 will be delayed on Nintendo Switch. The team said that the new season on Nintendo’s console will kick off sometime in 2021.