Hello and welcome to the strategy corner of our blog. Today we’ve got quite an article in stock for the strategy fans all across the globe. We bet that you’ve had plenty of fun with a near-future scenario that Anno 2070 presented, and we could almost guarantee that Anno 2205 brought quite an extraordinary adventure as well. However, this time the Blue Byte developer has decided to take a stroll into an older-times setting, just to be precise, the early 19th century – right into the very start of the Industrial Revolution!

Hell yes, Anno 1800 city building RTS game goes back to the basics, and which another historical period could offer such variety of changes and progression than the era of the Industrial Revolution?! The futuristic approach in Anno 2205 did wonders and basically, any feature that you’ve enjoyed in previous iterations has most likely been implemented here as well! Don’t forget, Anno 1800 city building game marks the birth of the new era, and along the previously adored features, the new title brings much more nuance to fancy than ever before!

Ubisoft’s and Blue Byte’s collaborated Anno city building games tend to revolve around establishing well-structured trade routes with your rivals in order to get profit, and edge on the economic advantage, however, a fair amount of warfare scenarios are common occurrences as well. This article aims to introduce all that’s special about the upcoming Anno 1800 city building game and believe us when we say this – there’s a lot to look forward to!

The Anno 1800 city building RTS game is scheduled to release on April 16, 2019, and you can already buy the game’s pre-order as well as the previous iterations in the series on our Eneba store.

Anno 1800 – Modes

The Anno 1800 city building game brings quite a few inventive and already familiar game modes that will allow you to navigate the rapidly evolving technological and malicious political landscape of the 19th century with ease. Immerse in rich and personal story-based campaign experience as a solo-player, join the classic multiplayer experience of up to 4 players, or customize your own journey in a vast and expansive sandbox mode!


First, Anno 1800 city building game offers a captivating campaign mode with a memorable new setting which presents the birth of a new era. The campaign mode should sufficiently satisfy your urge of expansion, exploration, and conquering, while at the same time it’ll walk you through some of the most important events of the respected timeline.


Second, comes the sandbox mode which will allow you to vastly customize your experience! The mode offers a vast array of modifiable in-game features, the quality of your adventure in this one lies entirely on your shoulders. Anno 1800 city building game offers a choice on whether to aim at the endless industrialization process or become the people’s king and respect their needs, and it’s all yours to make!

anno farm


The third is the classic multiplayer experience. Assume the role of a ruler, create huge metropolises, develop efficient and innovative logistic networks, explore, conquer, and inhabit the new lands all to dominate your opponents! All means are legit, partake in diplomacy, strive through the economy, or proclaim wars. And don’t worry if your foe is quite scared of the challenge, the brave AI is no less of a competitor in this one!


Anno 1800 city building game also brings back the beloved and already familiar Multisession gameplay right from the future setting of Anno 2205! Multisession allows you to interconnect to an already existing play, however, even the multisession feature has a bunch of life-quality improvements, e.g. you no longer have to settle in multiple sessions to get the desired benefits!


Last but not least, is the Blueprint model. This addition comes not as a separate mode, but rather as a much-desired feature! Anno 1800 city building game no longer follows the trial and error principle while building your structures. This ingenious feature allows you to build different silhouettes of buildings ahead of time without spending any resource! These will allow you to see how your city would look and change in the long run, and these blueprints will remain until you have sufficient resources for construction!

Anno 1800 – Gameplay Factors

Anno 1800 city building RTS game promises to be exceptional in numerous ways. Building a striving city is no easy task, and as the saying goes ‘with great power comes great responsibility!’ And such is exactly the case with this immersive experience. While you are definitely a capable ruler that can multitask to perfection and consider even the most scrupulous detail – to consider them all, you must first know them all. And we’re here to offer you a short brief on the matter!


Electricity – Could we even begin discussing the Industrial Revolution’s factors in Anno 1800 city building game without electricity? You’ll manufacture, you’ll build and expand until you’ll eventually hit the fourth residential tier. And then life intensifies! Start building power plants and massively increase productivity, just watch out for pollution, this may impact some other factors!

anno 1800 electricity

Outer Appeal

City Appeal – This one is definitely a major factor in Anno 1800 city building game to consider. But what makes a city appealing? First, you could start off with culture, then continue with nature and environmental protection, and then crown it with festivity, how’s that for an idea? Tourists should love it!

Keeping Balance

Balance – Outside appeal is important but finding the right balance between nature and industrialization is the right key to success. Stay ahead of the competition and form a culture of productivity and elegance – it’s a struggle, but it’s a pleasant one. Finding the right balance while playing Anno 1800 city building game also heavily relates to your citizens’ happiness!


Happiness tab – even though new technologies and buildings are being presented at a moment’s glance, you must still find a way to keep your low-tier workers feel important, and happiness tab is a direct indicator of how well you’re managing this task. It also shows your citizens’ approval rating, high means more taxes paid, thus more income in the process. If the happiness tab is running low, expect some rioting citizens. So, keeping everyone happy is quite beneficial.

The Press

Newspaper – It’s an awesome way to manipulate and scheme your way into the general public’s opinion and happiness in Anno 1800 city building game. The feather is sharper than the sword, right? What if it’s a double-edged sword though. On one side, it’s a perfect measure to rally people up before the upcoming war, and yet on the other, too much propaganda around may result in a truly hefty riot.

Unwanted Incidents

Riots are not the only unwanted incident in Anno 1800 city building game. Fires and illnesses also play a major part! Fires depend on the workshops and factories built. If you think you can limitlessly push the productivity meter, that may also result in a burning sensation. High pollution and poor working conditions will without a doubt result in some serious health damage. Families will stay in-door, and that equals in decreased working force as well as decreased tax income! 

Seafaring Adventures

The new Anno 1800 city building game also presents so well-structured seafaring adventures to partake in! Once you reach the mid-game or so, the New World is all yours to discover and explore! The New World is located in a completely new archipelago that can only be accessed by ship. Such resources as gold, cotton and many others can be obtained right here! The New World also offers never-before-seen residential tiers, new characters, and plenty of other things you generally would want sooner than later.

anno 1800 seafaring

Trade Routes and Charter routes are the two final factors to conclude our article about all that’s coming with Anno 1800 city building game release. Charter routes offer pricey, yet simple ‘one type of goods per route’ trading approach. It’s pricey but it gets the goods delivered in a timely manner! Trade routes offer a rather more classical approach. These are cheaper, you can choose the goodies receiving stations, and also, you can ship multiple loots. Although the downside is that your ships may encounter routes with a rocky surface and some really unfriendly pirates!

The Union

If you have some indications on which route Anno 1800 city building game should turn next, join the Anno Union! Anno Union is a service dedicated to allowing the fans of the game to propose and vote on numerous game development aspects. This type of project was wildly successful on Ubisoft’s Might & Magic Heroes 7 game, and apparently, Anno 1800 community is next! Click here to join the Union!