With tons of players striving for the title of the best in numerous of WoW Classic categories, one title, in particular, has already been attained! Interesting enough, a relatively unknown WoW player achieved it first. Jokerd created a Gnome Mage character and went on to wreck everything in his sight for three consecutive days! While that sounds pretty insane, it’s even cooler that he also managed to pull over 6 hours of sleep per night!

It’ also worth noting, that one of the most popular guilds in WoW, Method, has also been striving to attain the title of the first to hit the cap – their attempts were also heavily publicized throughout the past week. However, a Gnome snatched it first. And not only did Jokerd achieved the lvl60 in a fair and square manner, but he also streamed the whole journey on Twitch – with over 360k viewers were on stream during the final moments of the level grind.

Once the cap was breached, and the title earned and forever written in WoW Classic’s history books, Jokerd teleported back to the city of Stormwind. Surprisingly enough (or not so much since it’s WoW classic), a significant amount of players have gathered to greet and meet the player first-hand. A living line was formed so that Jokerd could march through it in a parade-like fashion. If such community involvement and behaviour doesn’t instantly scream Classic WoW – nothing probably will.

However admirable the feat might seem to the majority, Jokerd got some criticism too. The accusations for a tactic known as ‘’layering’’ (layering allows the player to skip the time it takes for mobs to respawn), it’s considered by some as the unfair way to grind. However, Jokerd quickly responded to such accusations and explained that he’d only used the technique from level 58 onwards – when it was already clear he’ll be the number 1 no matter what.

The whole grinding adventure will forever remain on Twitch, and if you have some spare time, it’s definitely a feat worthy of watching – hitting the level 60 part at the very least. It also looks like Jokerd has further plans as well. He is already using the created momentum to get into the Blizzcon, and knowing Blizzard, that might very well turn into reality soon enough! We wish the best of luck to the Gnome Mage, as well as all every other Classic player that is soon to repeat Jokerd’s result.