Video games, in general, are a relatively new entertainment medium, however, such factors as the constant development process changes, the extreme pace in which technology is advancing, and the tremendous player demand shifts, are causing the developers to constantly search and present new and better ways to please the masses.

For the longest time, the majority of game development studios and publishers have attempted to create captivating single-player oriented narrative-heavy experiences, and thanks to it, we — the community, have an array of the best single-player PC games to choose from. However, it looks like the trend is shifting its focus, and 25-30 hour ‘in-and-out’ journeys are no longer the focal point of virtual reality.

Nowadays, connected gameplay seems more and more prominent and apparent. Newest releases, while still offer some amazing single-play experiences, are more concerned in their ability to provide connectivity. Whether it’s cooperative, multiplayer, or online service, the connectivity aspect is slowly becoming the new form of innovation.

Best single-player PC games by no means are forgotten, it’s just that their numbers are steadily declining, or they do incorporate some form of multiplayer play — these games that manage to find the golden middle between single-play and the ability to compete against other players, are often received with the highest of praises.

However today, connectivity is not our topic, today, we are here to boast about the good old single-play experience, and as is mentioned above, there are some immensely intense and thrilling titles, which with ease can be referred as the best single-player PC games. These selected few will withstand any development decision, any demand shift, and any change in technological with ease. More than anything, these games stand as a strong reminder of what a good, narrative-focused, single-play-oriented piece is capable to achieve.

We’ve prepared the 6-best single-player PC games ready for your utmost immersion and evaluation! Each of these games is beyond measure worth its spot in this list, each presents a captivating experience unlike any you’ve seen before, and each is without question worth to invest your every spare minute into! Today’s featured top 6 are: The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, Resident Evil 2: Remake, Euro Truck Simulator 2, Dark Souls 3, Kingdom Come: Deliverance, Hitman 2.

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

What kind of list of best single-player PC games wouldn’t include the dragon-hunting, world-saving, dark forces unleashing, and mind-boggling experience that is Skyrim? Certainly, we still have our minds intact, and The Elder Scrolls V is of course right where it’s supposed to be. There’s no lying, hundreds of hours spent in this world may have hindered with our senses a little bit, but then you think about the quality of those hours, and no further questions arise. Pro tip: it’s an awesome game, and it’s something entirely else once you start modding it.

Resident Evil 2: Remake

The piece has just arrived, and it goes right into the best single-player PC games list. It’s an amazing revived and remade horror piece that brings back the year 1998 Capcom’s hit game for one more thrilling journey. The game is out for a mere week, and it’s such a success that the first DLC was announced to come out almost immediately after! The zombies, the terror, the tension, and the shaky camera angle all are brought up to form a unified horror symphony, and you are lucky enough to stand in the very centre of it!

Euro Truck Simulator 2

Truth must be spoken, best single-player PC games are not only of role-playing or shooting-and-looting origin, and Euro Truck Simulator 2 is a four-wheeled proof of it! This heavy machinery-based piece shows that simulation games can achieve more than you’d think. And if you’d include all the DLC that the game has to offer, content-wise the game surpasses some of the biggest AAA titles, quality-wise, considering you have a sophisticated rig, the game can look as if you’re traversing the world for real.

Dark Souls 3

Best single-player PC games come in many shapes, forms, sizes, and of course difficulty levels. And when it comes to difficulty, there are just a few others that can compare to what Dark Souls 3 brings onto the gaming scene. It’s slick, it’s mechanically precise, it’s dark, twisted, and entertaining beyond comparing. It’s an RPG that brings you down on your knees and then forces you to stand up better, stronger, and more motivated. Dark Souls 3 works by trial and error principle, and strangely enough it does work, and even more so, it works far better than you’d anticipate!

Kingdom Come: Deliverance

Best single-player PC games are broad and vast, they have a framework which you can bend upon the will, and they offer plenty of detail which can sometimes fall unnoticed. Kingdom Come: Deliverance has so many of these little details, that they simply cannot stay unnoticed. The game presents a historically accurate world in which you are but a mere mortal man, however, what you can achieve in this medieval representation is sort of limitless. It’s a never-ending adventure where the world around you continues to change whether you want it or not, and precisely because of that it’s easily one of the best single-player PC games out there.

Hitman 2

Agent 47 has been with us for a while. We’ve seen the movies, and we’ve played the previous games. Hitman 2 captures every breathtaking aspect portrayed in the movies as well as in the previous games. The assassination part is perfect, and constructive planning definitely takes time, however, it’s safe to say that the planning part can become an even more immersive activity than the execution. The narrative is flawless, and the protagonist, Agent 47, is as cold-blooded, merciless, and calm-tempered as we are all used to seeing him.