Not so long ago Capcom bragged about selling more than 3 million copies of Resident Evil 2 Remake in its first week. The game seems to continue to perform very well and according to a new report, has already shipped 4 million copies globally.

These fascinating numbers are just a million short from the original Resident Evil 2 success, which was released in 1998. The game sold 4.96 million copies in its lifetime and is currently fourth in the series regarding its popularity. The remake of the classic is catching up very quickly.

Furthermore, growing sales figures have helped the Resident Evil franchise to surpass the 90-million units milestone. Having in mind that the three classic games will soon be re-released for Nintendo Switch, Resident Evil might be able to hit a 100-million milestone by the end of the year. Only a few other Japanese game series managed to complete this task. These include Super Mario, Final Fantasy, Pokemon and Sonic. Even the legendary Zelda series are not there yet, but the sales figures are pretty similar to Resident Evil franchise so the race might be on!

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