Epic Games Store doesn’t seem to be stopping anytime soon and their recent purchase is a big one. Psyonix, the creator of the critically acclaimed Rocket League game, announced that it’s being acquired by Epic Games. This means that soon enough you won’t be able to purchase the game on Steam and will have to buy it on Epic Games Store instead.

Don’t panic! If you already own the game or are planning to purchase it in the next few months, nothing will change. Rocket League will still be accessible through your Steam Library and you’ll be able to play the game as usual. However, newcomers will have to install Epic Games launcher in order to access the game.

In light of this news, Psyonix released a statement explaining the decision behind the acquisition. The statement reads:

“Today is a big day for us here at Psyonix because, just as the headline says, we’re officially joining the Epic Games family.

Your first question to news like this might be, “What does this mean for Rocket League and its community?” We’re happy to say that the answers are only positive. Rocket League always has been and always will be a community-driven game, and now that we have joined forces with Epic, we will be able to serve our community in even bigger and better ways!”

The statement also provides a short FAQ explaining some details about the transition. You can read the full text by pressing this link.

While we still lack some details about the deal or how much money Epic Games spent in order to acquire Psyonix, we know when the deal should be finalized. According to the post, Epic and Psyonix expect to close the acquisition near the end of May to early June 2019. If you prefer Steam as your go-to games platform, you still have some time to pick up your Rocket League key.