Is Borderlands 3 coming to switch?

While the game aims to cater to many of their fans (or newcomers), with Borderlands 3 release coming ever closer, there is no official announcement about Switch console. So far, the only confirmations we have involves PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC, the last has a 6-month exclusive deal to Epic Games store. But do not be discouraged! There’s a plan to expand to other stores for PC once the exclusivity deal ends, thus you may keep a fairly rational hope for Switch too, just not in the nearest future.

Will Borderlands 3 have local co-op?

Yes and no, this one is tricky. It has been confirmed that upon Borderlands 3 release, the local co-op will be available for consoles only. The PC players should not be overly surprised though since the feature to share split-screen is often associated with the said consoles. On the other hand, Gearbox is known for bending established traditions (a prime example could be the 4-player split-screen from Borderlands: The Handsome Collection).

However, in this case, Borderlands 3 will only have 2-player local co-op available for Xbox and PS4. And if you want to play with more people (like the whole team of four) or if you have a PC and you don’t want to go through Borderlands 3 release and its wild adventures alone, after obtaining the long-awaited title you will simply have to utilize the online option.

Who are the characters in Borderlands 3?

Characters in Borderlands 3 may be divided into two categories: the NPCs and playable characters. The newest title in the franchise will have 4 player characters called the Vault Hunters. These are FL4K, Moze, Zane and Amara. Our newest heroes will not be alone, though, as the protagonists and other familiar faces of the previous games will join the adventure as NPCs.

Players and fans can rejoice – as the quirky new team will have some big shoes to fill, yet it doesn’t look like Borderlands 3 release will disappoint. FL4K owns a whole gang of pets, Moze can stomp on almost anything, Zane is able to fool any enemy and Amara is simply here to destroy all. If at any time you feel like you miss your favourites, they will be fleeting in and out of your story as non-playable characters. The fan favourite, Lilith, comes back to the forefront, providing the leadership to the new and hopeful Vault hunters; other beloved characters are treated in a similar fashion.

Who are the villains?

The franchise has an interesting history regarding villains, and with Borderlands 3 release just around the corner, we expect many great things from the new antagonistic figures! They say that a good antagonist is almost as crucial to the success of a story as the main hero. And it seems that Gearbox took it to heart since, in their upcoming game, we are getting two for a price of one. Calypso twins, Tyreen and Troy, are the leaders of a cult called the Children of the Vault and poses great threat to Vault Hunters.

One of the reasons behind their power is the fact that Tyreen is a Siren, on par with Lilith, Maya and Amara. Borderlands 3 release promises to push the heroes to do their very best in order to withstand the tidal wave that Calypso siblings are bringing with them, but this only adds to the level of enjoyment! So, grab some of the most original weapons ever, prepare your skills and make sure you can win against an overwhelming force.

Is there Claptrap in Borderlands 3?

Yes, the mouthy robot is back! Nothing can keep him down, not the danger (which there definitely be plenty of) and not even the maniac cult (with hundreds of fanatic followers all over the place). This time he appears as NPC and helps you to the best of his ability… mostly. Borderlands 3 release sets him up as the veteran Vault Hunter extraordinaire!

After surviving on Pandora for so long, he’s now to provide insights and, of course, orders to his new fledgeling hunters. Be sure to listen and obey or suffer the consequences! And just as a side-note, if you think Claptrap sounds slightly different, that’s because the previous voice actor did not reprise his role, but that won’t stop the songs!

Is Zane related to Captain Flynt?

That is correct. Both Baron and Captain Flynt are Zane’s not-so-glorious brothers. This information, like many similar enticing titbits, first came out before Borderlands 3 release and was confirmed in Commander Lilith DLC, therefore it’s no longer just speculation. While Zane can’t claim complete innocence since he allegedly graduated assassin’s school, he’s still the white sheep in the family compared to his older brother Captain Flynt. As a playable character, he shouldn’t have the urge to stab the previous Vault Hunters for hurting his brothers, but we won’t know how deep the family ties truly run with this character, at least until we get to control him ourselves.

How many sirens can exist in Borderlands?

There can only be six Sirens active at the same time, and with Borderlands 3 release, we know the identities of all of them: Lilith, Maya, Amara, Tyreen, Angel and Commandant Steele. This count is official, though, in a game where madness and over-the-top action often defies rules, you shouldn’t be surprised if that changes! Though, some common elements remain to connect all the Sirens.

They are women, they have tattoos on one side of their body, and they are insanely powerful; presented as probably some of the most powerful people in the universe, Sirens have their own unique weaknesses and strengths and additional information is added with each new title in the franchise. Borderlands 3 release might surprise us yet again. Should the current rules regarding the Sirens shift, it might rock Pandora and planets beyond, but at this point, it’s only speculation (looking at you, Troy Calypso).

Guns with legs?

Probably one of the most attractive features of Borderlands are the guns! Big guns, tiny guns, stealthy or loud yet always destructive, we each have our preferences. And the third iteration promises to deliver even better customization, more options and mixed and matched capabilities. Maybe you will get the shotgun that shoots homing missiles? Or perhaps you want to celebrate Borderlands 3 release by creating a handheld canon that spews showers of acidic bullets? You can do all that! As long as you unleash hell on the cultist enemies, your weapons will do their job! And while (at the beginning) you might not really have a gun with legs that kick your adversaries, you never know what might come in the future!