Seems like a game inspired by a movie which was released 6 years ago shouldn’t generate much excitement. Apparently, it can become even more popular than its source material. World War Z, a game by Saber Interactive launched on April 16th and during its first week generated more than 1 million sales across all platforms.

In the press release, the company’s CEO Matthew Karch called these figures “immense success” and said that the studio is humbled and thrilled to reach such a big number of players in its first week. He also specifically pointed out a PC version of the game on Epic Store, which sold over 250 000 copies.

It’s nice to see the developers enjoying their well-deserved success. Naturally, huge sales numbers mean greater community and even faster timetable for the upcoming content. Saber Interactive seem to agree.

“Moving forward, we’ll continue to expand the game and its community with new improvements, stability updates, and bonus gameplay content, beginning very soon with a special new mission for the Tokyo episode” – said Matthew Karch.

If it’s the first time you’re hearing about World War Z game, check out our article about it. If you’re into zombies and want to experience something fresh and exciting, World War Z is a game worthy of your time.