Every PlayStation fan knows the name of Quantic Dream. The French game development studio is known for their critically acclaimed adventure games such as Heavy Rain, Beyond: Two Souls, and their latest title Detroit: Become Human. These games were grand PlayStation exclusives back in the day, but it’s about to change. Quantic Dream is collaborating with Epic Games Store to bring these games to PC.

While only the Epic Games Store will get a timed exclusive, Quantic Dream also promised to release their games on other PC stores at a later date. Epic Games Store will now also allow players to download demo versions prior to the full releases. You can find the official release schedule below:

Heavy Rain

– Demo: May 24

– Full Release: June 24

Beyond: Two Souls

– Demo: June 27

– Full Release: July 22

Detroit: Become Human

– Demo: Summer

– Full Release: Fall

In addition to these titles, Quantic Dream told that it’s already working on a new game which should be revealed on E3 2019 stage. We might expect that the new title will be released on multiple platforms since the exclusivity deal with Sony is now over.