Two weeks ago we’ve written an article regarding the beginning of a new World First race for the latest World of Warcraft’s raid Eternal Palace. After almost two weeks of non-stop raiding, the race has concluded with yet another Method guild’s victory, they were the first to kill the last raid’s boss, Queen Azshara. 

The race started on July 16th. As everyone expected, the first three bosses of Eternal Palace were quite easy for the top world guilds, but the first serious challenge was posed by the fourth boss of the raid, Lady Ashvane. The usual World First contenders from North America, Limit, struggled to down Lady Ashvane on the first day, so guilds from Europe got their chance to catch up. Method claimed the lead despite a 12-hour disadvantage:

But it wasn’t for long. After a night’s rest, Limit managed to down the boss as well and progressed through to the next one. With each boss, the lead swapped back and forth between Method and Limit until both guilds hit the wall on Za’qul. The boss was first killed by Limit, on 185th attempt.

However, after Za’qul, Queen Azshara seemed impossible to beat during the first week, so both guilds chose to reset the raid and re-clear expecting to get some powerful items. Other guilds from NA, EU, and Asian regions managed to catch up as well, so the real race was just beginning. However, even after re-clearing, the boss seemed too difficult to beat, so Blizzard stepped-in and nerfed the enrage timer of Queen Azshara’s adds.

Limit decided to keep their composition and three-heal the fight, while Method chose a riskier strategy, with only two healers in their line-up. Limit had a full day of progression after the nerf, however, their best pull was 10 percent short to kill Azshara. It was Method’s race to win, and so they did, claiming the 13th World First title for the guild. You can check out the clip of the kill here.

Azshara’s Eternal Palace, Method wipes:

  • Commander Sivara: 0
  • Blackwater Behemoth: 0
  • Radiance of Azshara: 0
  • Lady Ashvane: 37
  • Orgozoa: 58
  • The Queen’s Court: 17
  • Za’qul: 169
  • Queen Azshara: 356

It’s also worth noting that during their stream, Method has been campaigning viewers to donate money for Save the Children foundation. After two weeks of streaming, the guild managed to collect more than 66,000 dollars for charity.