The Game Developers Choice Conference in San Francisco has brought a number of exciting news upon us, with their awards being handed out and many short playthroughs for upcoming games released. In amongst of all of the exciting news, Capcom has managed to stand out by releasing the sales numbers on their newest game, Devil May Cry 5!

game decelopers conference

More than 2 million copies of the game have been sold as of the 21st of March, which is only 13 days after the release of the game! These are by far and away the best-selling numbers that the DMC franchise ever had, with Devil May Cry only selling 3 million copies in the first 6 years after its release!

After Resident Evil 2 Remake had some incredible numbers, the DMC 5 adds yet another tale to the amazing year that Capcom has already had in 2019! And we’re still less than 3 months in!

If you haven’t yet gotten yourself into what the game has to offer, you can read up on our blog that was written just before the release of the game – Devil May Cry 5 – What to Expect?