If you were watching the news lately, you know that Australia is currently being tormented by the biggest bushfires in its history. Naturally, all the people in the world are coming together in order to provide some relief for the affected. For example, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare players can donate for the cause by purchasing the new Outback Relief Pack.

To be fair, the Outback Relief Pack is nothing new in the game. It was there for a whole month. However, the community took the opportunity and requested Infinity Ward and Activision to make this new pack a charitable one. Companies agreed, renamed the pack and even extended its contents, announcing that 100 percent of Activision’s net proceeds will go towards Australian wildfire relief efforts.

It’s a very nice gesture from the companies in order to give players an option to donate for a charitable cause and get something in return. The Outback Relief Pack features a new operator skin, a blueprint for a legendary sniper rifle, a Koala bear-shaped charm, and a unique finishing move, as well as various other cosmetic items.  

According to the news, the new in-game purchase will be available at least until the end of the month. The new in-game purchase costs around 20 dollars of in-game currency, so you can donate for the cause even without spending any additional funds. Game for impact!

This is a great example and we’re hoping that more games will follow-up on this. The gamer community already started numerous charity streams in order to gather money, so more games joining in might raise more awareness and money.