When it comes to rumors, we’re a bit picky but this one deserves some attention. One famous internet leaker who previously predicted multiple horror game news (in Twitter, this leaker is known as AestheticGamer) shared some juicy details about the next chapter in the popular Silent Hill saga. According to the Tweet, the new Silent Hill game might be revealed in August, during the next State of Play event.

What gives this source some credibility is the sound reasoning why Silent Hill wasn’t announced during the PlayStation 5 stream. While the rumors about the new game were around for a while now, Sony decided to save the announcement in order to have some additional heavy-hitters after the Xbox Series X event which should be happening this month. Furthermore, the new Silent Hill game is just a single title in a huge list of PS5 exclusive launch titles that will be revealed closer to the console’s launch.

Another reason Sony didn’t want to announce the new Silent Hill is that PS5 reveal event had another iconic horror title – Resident Evil: VIllage. Both horror titles share a similar audience and Sony didn’t want their communications to overlap.

From our point of view, this makes a lot of sense, but it’s still a leak and you shouldn’t take it too seriously. At least until we get an official confirmation. In any case, we can be sure that in August PlayStation 5 launch line-up should become a bit longer and Tokyo Game Show, which is scheduled for September, should host plenty of playable PS5 demos. We have our fingers crossed that the new Silent Hill game will be one of them.