16th July 2021 marks the F1 2021 release date – the day that the avid fans of the F1 franchise are awaiting with fervor. And for a reason, too! Over the year, the video game franchise has established its rightful place among the top racing series worldwide, and now with F1 2021 game on the way, the community of fans is bustling again. F1 2020 received high ratings from both gamers and critics, and now it’s time to pass the baton to the newest iteration in the renowned series.

The trailer is a piece of art, the visuals a real eye-candy. However, while the trailer does not reveal much, the creators of the F1 2021 game have shared some news on the official game site. Codemasters and EA defined the upcoming release as a ‘next-generation experience’ and announced the first details about the game. This is the game of the Formula One 2021 season, and of course, we are expecting some optimizations and upgrades gameplay as well as content-wise, considering the swashbuckling experience we had with the previous game in the series, the expectations are set even higher this time around. 

What’s new in the F1 2021 game:

  • New circuits
  • Breaking Point
  • Tweaked Career mode
  • Real-Season start
  • Improved graphics
  • Next-gen experience
  • Online competition
  • And plenty more

It seems that players will be able to enjoy time-tested features as well as explore the new additions to the F1 2021 gameplay. Our, and we bet yours too, curiosity is aroused by the Breaking Point, and the overhauled Career mode, so let’s see what they’re all about.

New circuits for scorching your wheels

Let’s start off with grand news. The F1 2020 game did not feature any new circuits from the calendar due to the COVID-19 pandemic, however, this year fans are going to test their powers in three new additions:


Imola circuit is located in Italy, 40 kilometers east of Bologna city in the Northern part of the country. As of today, the layout of the circuit is 4.909 km in length and takes 19 turns.  The first Grand Prix in Imola was held in 1980 and made its debut come back into the Formula One calendar of the year 2020, however, due to the pandemic it was canceled.


The sea and the heat are where the other circuit takes us. Set in Portugal, the Portimão town offers a great view and is famous for one of the greatest circuits to ever hold Grand Prix events. The Portimão circuit is 4.653 km in length, slightly smaller than the Imola, with 15 turns.

Jeddah Street Track 

Named as the ‘fastest street track’ on the Formula One calendar, the Jeddah Street circuit is to hold the inaugural Saudi Arabian Grand Prix in 2021 December. Its layout is the mightiest of all three, reaching 6.175 km in length. Its beauty is awe-striking and we can’t wait to see it in the game.

It’s important to note that these circuits will be available as free post-launch content, so they won’t be present at the launch. The full roster of 23 circuits will eventually be featured in F1 2021, while the three new tracks will be made available to all players as a free download after the game has launched.

Brand new story mode

Perhaps the most exciting piece of news we’ve received so far is the brand new story mode called Breaking Point. The players will have a chance to rise from the ranks of Formula 2 to the heights of Formula 1, experience the subtleties of the life of a worldwide famous Formula racer, and the fierce competition taking place both on and off the racing tracks. The title of the story alone is quite suggestive. It seems like players will have their determination tested until the very breaking point to see what they are made of and prove that they were born for the F1 wheel.

Otherwise, not much is revealed about the Breaking Point gameplay and narrative, however, do you recall Devon Butler who made his ground-breaking debut in F1 2019? The guy is back in the F1 2021 game and he is ready to shake up the greatest leagues of the Formula One franchise. When the talk turns about F1 2021 – Codemasters never disappoints, so we are quite excited for more reveals regarding F1 Breaking Point play.

Two can play this game!

The good ol’ Career mode is back, and finally, it has a feature many of us have been waiting for: two-player accessibility to the mode. You can even choose whether you and your friend want to play competitively or unite in the co-op play. Regardless of what type of gameplay the two players choose, each driver will have complete control over their assists. It’s a great move by Codemasters and EA to enable F1 2021 co-op gameplay in the Career mode that up till now has been providing gamers with the most in-depth Formula One experience.

Paul Jeal, F1 Senior Franchise Director, has commented on the official Codemasters’ site that “The addition of two-player Career brings new challenges to the iconic game mode. Players can now choose to play co-operatively and share in the success or compete and strive for personal glory”, which sounds promising, to say the least. He also adds that they “are creating more choice and new ways to play. Real-Season Start allows players to align their career to the F1 season”. So, if you want to become the virtuoso of Formula 1 racing on your own, that, of course, is an option, too. The overhaul of the Career mode offers more freedom for players, which is always an appreciated novelty coming from creators of the video game.

Is F1 2021 worth your time?

If you enjoy racing games, then the answer is definitely yes. Seeing the innovations in the gameplay for Formula 1 2021 game, it seems like the new game will not just replicate the outstanding experience of F1 2020 – the newest iteration might be the best thing that happened to the franchise as of yet. The brand new story mode, tweaked Career mode, split-screen multiplayer, headline-grabbing My Team mode, and of course, likely improved controls and enhanced visuals, animations. 

With gameplay and content optimizations, F1 2021 game might just be one of the greatest racing spectacles in the genre. If you’re a long-term enthusiast of the series, then there is no question whether you should get the game, meanwhile, if you’re entirely new to the F1 video game franchise, F1 2021 might be a pre-eminent experience for you. 

Is F1 2021 available on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X?

Remember when we said that Codemasters and Electronic Arts defined the newest iteration in the series as a next-generation experience? It seems they meant it both literally and figuratively. The F1 2021 game will be available on these respective platforms:

  • PlayStation 5
  • Xbox Series X | S
  • PlayStation 4
  • Xbox One
  • PC via Steam

F1 2021 (PC) is available on Steam, meanwhile, if you are using an 8th generation console, that is fine. Now the biggest curiosity surrounds the game’s performance and appearance on the next-gen consoles. F1 2021 PS5 and PS4 trailer has been announced as well, but it doesn’t really detail anything regarding the performance on the consoles, so that remains a mystery. However, considering that the game will be released with top-class adjustments for the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X, we can expect exceedingly smooth gameplay. Perhaps a whole 120fps speed with few drops in framerate? One can dream.

While waiting for the F1 2021 game release, feel free to check out our F1 video games collection where you will find all the Formula 1 titles up for date!

Are you ready? Buy the F1 2021 key and mark 16th July in your calendars as the Big Day when you can finally smash your foot on the pedal and delve into the frantic experience of the most memorable F1 moments!