Tactical shooter games are not your average Call of Duties or Battlefields. They are intense, slower-paced FPS games that require concentration, patience, teamwork, strategic planning, and thinking. Every foolish mistake may be crucial and result in a player’s death. However, many gamers crave more tactical games than those with enemies that simply run at you from every direction. 

So what are the best tactical shooters?

The best first-person tactical shooters

Rainbow Six: Siege is one of the best modern tactical shooters favorited by casual gamers and Esports professionals.

When you think about tactical shooter games, one particular name comes to mind – Tom Clancy. It’s not surprising at all as the man practically was the godfather of the genre of the tactical games. Under his name Rainbow Six, Splinter Cell, and Ghost Recon franchises were born – the juggernauts that formed and changed gaming. Rainbow Six Siege is still one of the best modern tactical games that is not only played for leisure but on the Esports scene as well.

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You can also dive into Tom Clancy’s collection to find previous single-player Rainbow Six and Ghost Recon games that got tactical shooters where they are today.

Ready or Not is praised by SWAT operatives for its realism and is a fantastic among tactical shooters.

Another great tactical shooter is Ready or Not. The game is so realistic, that even SWAT operatives are praising it for its unprecedented control of movement, weapon handling, and tactics required to successfully complete the mission.

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Payday 2 has put a different spin on the genre of the tactical games by allowing players to rob banks. But this is not GTA V where you go in guns blazing. To pull off a successful heist you’ll need careful planning and advanced tactics.

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Arma 3 is a realistic military shooter and one of the best tactical games.

If you’re yearning for realism, look no further than Arma 3. It’s one of the most popular tactical shooters that still has a dedicated fan base. Forget futuristic warfare, Arma 3 is a real war simulator with real military tactics. It may not look much graphically, but simulators made by Arma’s developers are used to train real soldiers. And that says a lot.

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