Point-and-click games are one of the best choices for casual gamers that prefer a story over action-packed gaming sessions that entail active combat. Such video games rely on clicking different things and interacting items from the environment to solve puzzles and proceed with the narrative. Since the main focus in point-and-click adventure games is the story and its development, they are typically illustrated in colorful and peculiar ways, creating an outstanding setting. For this reason, game graphics become one of the main attractions for gamers.

What makes point-and-click games popular?

In this long-running genre, gamers can find a rich variety of the best point-and-click games that intertwine with other genres like adventure, action, puzzles, platformers and work perfectly in tune with building an immersive narrative. For games with point-and-click mechanics, you don’t need a device with strong technical parameters, or any additional gear: all you need is a mouse, and perhaps a nice beverage to help you relax and enjoy. Here are the major reasons behind the popularity of point-and-click games:

  • Dynamic narrative
  • Easy-to-use gameplay mechanics
  • Puzzles
  • Dialogues an integral part of a narrative
  • Emphasis on visuals and sounds
  • Interactive environments
  • Well-developed setting
  • Multidimensional characters

Of course, all these gameplay elements are enhanced based on their genre for the most effective end result. Check out the list of 10 best point-and-click games selected out of a vast sea of other titles!

The Secret of Monkey Island

Let’s begin with a classic that laid the groundwork for adventure games that came after. Developed by Lucasfilm Games, the game offers hours of hilarious insults and fun adventures as you point-and-click through the jolly story. A young man named Guybrush Threepwood declares that he desires to become a professional vampire and sets out to the fictional island called Mêlée, where all the jests and adventures begin. Treasure hunting, thievery, and sword-fighting are guaranteed in The Secret of Monkey Island. The entertaining premise is not the only reason why this game is one of the iconic point-and-click games of all time – it’s the creativity of the verbal swordfight of insults.

The Longest Journey

If you were to merge fantasy with point-and-click games, then the result would be the dazzling The Longest Journey. In this game, players can traverse two different worlds that embody the dual nature of existence: the undeniably stark reality and the world of dreams, the Arcadian realm. The graphics, for a point-and-click adventure game, are really great and the story seems promising. The goal of the player is to restore the Balance between the two worlds and the whole narrative promises solid 50-hour gameplay to keep you entertained and captivated by the magic. When we speak about two different worlds in The Longest Journey, we don’t mean just abstract locations. These worlds harbor 150 different locations for you to explore and admire in your noble quest.

Thimbleweed Park

Terrible Toybox took point-and-click games to a different level with Thimbleweed Park. This neo-noir mystery, set in 1987, presents a colorful pixelated world reminiscent of the 80s. Toilets running on vacuum tubes, a burnt-out pillow factory, an abandoned circus, and of course, what noir story without an abandoned house and a dead body lying about. This strange night greets five strangers that are connected without their own knowledge: Agent Ray, Agent Reyes, Franklin, the Beeping Clown, and Delores. Puzzles, bizarre adventures, atmospheric world, the intriguing story unfolding with each step you take… It seems that Thimbleweed Park represents the best point-and-click games can offer.


We love mysteries, so of course, our next recommendation for point-and-click games lovers is Yesterday, developed by the Spanish team from Pendulo Studios. The story follows a youth called John Yesterday, whose memory has been wiped out and is in search of who he is and what happened… Boasting animated film quality, the game presents an atmospheric world of New York where enigmatic things are happening. Homeless people are disappearing, and more people keep finding a Y-shaped scar on their hands. Coincidence? Unlikely. Emerge into an adventure of a lifetime to discover what lies beyond the veil of mystery and find the culprit behind the disappearances!

Samorost 3

If we are speaking the best point-and-click games, then we must recommend Samorost 3, delivered by Amanita Design. The title is the continuation of Samorost and Samorost 2, and this time takes players to the cosmos where they dive into adventures with a space gnome. The gnome is a little gnomed about its origins and so, using magic abilities, you traverse different space locations to uncover the mystery. On your way, you will encounter puzzles, run into dozens of odd-looking creatures, explore vibrant locations, and above all, admire the beautiful art and tranquil soundtrack. We promise that after this game you will feel refreshed and ready for action-packed adventures.

The Walking Dead

Feeling like tackling the hordes of undead and the apocalypse? Telltale Games breathed life into award-winning comic books by Robert Kirkman, and invites players to participate in the morbid narrative of The Walking Dead, and witness the downfall of our civilization from a psychological perspective. The Walking Dead series is probably the best point-and-click games in the horror genre, the story stretching out through several titles and following the convicted criminal Lee Everett who finds his salvation in an orphaned girl named Clementine. The Walking Dead games use RPG mechanics, meaning that every action and decision determines the flow of the story in this apocalyptic madness.


Enter the vibrant world of Oxenfree and click away, click away the supernatural creatures of the eerie night. Night School Studios has enriched the selection of the best point-and-click games with Oxenfree, a thriller game about a group of mischievous teens that accidentally open a ghostly rift. That’s where the fun begins… The action takes place on Edwards Island, whose past and locations you must uncover to defeat the ominous beings lurking in the shadows, waiting for one wrong step. Like with the Walking Dead games, Oxenfree provides players with the freedom to determine the story of the protagonist Alex and Edwards Island. Puzzles, dangers, and memorable experiences are guaranteed!

Broken Sword: Director’s Cut

The list of point-and-click adventure games is impressive but one of the most iconic titles, which also happens to be a detective-mystery, is Broken Sword: Director’s Cut. Revolution Software’s title has become a timeless classic that defines point-and-click games and their highlights. Simple mechanics and an intriguing, sinister story: what else could one want? The narrative revolves around George Stobbart who instantly gets pulled into an intriguing chain of events in the city of Paris. Romantic, isn’t it? Except that it’s sinister as hell. Oh, speaking of sinister, did we mention that you have to save the world from the Templars’ evil plan of world domination?


Let’s move away from action-packed mysteries and horror to talk about some adorable point-and-click adventure games. One of them – the high-praised Botanicula delivered by Amanita Design studio. The main focus of the game is exploration for top-tier relaxation. You join the venture of five tiny tree creatures and explore the dynamic world full of unique locations drawn in dazzling styles. Since it’s a game about exploration and experimentation, great emphasis is placed on the music score and sound effects, along with detailed visuals, and the synergy between them. Explore the gigantic tree brimming with life, odd-looking creatures, beautifully crafted environments, and little adventures.


Point-and-click sci-fi games. Sounds novel? Although few sci-fi games belong to the point-and-click genre, we are happy to recommend one of the greatest examples: the Technobabylon game. Created by the capable Technocrat studio, the game takes players to the world in the year 2087. Trance, an addictive drug, the tyrannical CEL police force, and pervasive AI that threatens everything that is human. You get to control three distinct characters: Charlie Regis, Letha Sesame, and Max Lao, who are diving into the depths of a dystopian regime established in the dazzling neon cyberpunk city. Spoiler alert: you’re going to witness some of the best voice-acting among the best point-and-click games.