There’re only a handful of MMORPG titles that kept player interest for a long time. One such game is The Elder Scrolls Online which keeps pumping out new game updates on a regular basis. The most recent one called Greymoor is scheduled to come out this June. But before it does, the developers of TESO are offering their players a chance to play through an introductory prologue of the new DLC for free.

Since yesterday, all the players who log on to their account could pick up a new quest called “The Coven Conspiracy” form the Crown Store. It will wrap up the current plotline and will begin the next one in a series of tasks that will pave the wave for the new DLC.

But why are we talking about it now? Well, the main reason is that TESO developers are hosting a new two-week-long event that will allow everyone to download and play the base game for free. This event will run from April 1st until April 13th and will be available for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One players.

Having in mind that most of us are staying at home for at least two weeks from now, it’s a great way to introduce yourself with one of the best active MMORPG games. Who knows, maybe you’ll love it! If that will be the case you’ll be able to purchase all the content you need alongside the new DLC from our store.