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Free PS Plus games for August announced

The games will be free for PlayStation Plus members starting on August 6th.

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Polyphony Digital is working on a new Gran Turismo game

Our bet is that the new Gran Turismo will be one of the launch titles for PlayStation 5.

Game news

Free PlayStation Plus games for July announced

PlayStation Plus subscribers will get access to two awesome titles.

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Quantic Dream games are coming to PC soon

Players will be able to download demo versions prior to the full releases.

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Free PlayStation Plus games for May announced

If your PlayStation Plus subscription is coming to a close, renew it cheaper right in our store


Is PlayStation Network (PSN) free?

It is important to highlight the distinction between the PSN and PS Plus since one of them is a free service while the other requires a paid subscription.

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April's PlayStation Plus games announced

In addition to the two free games, PlayStation Plus subscribers will also get special discounts for quite a few other games on the platform.

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Horizon: Zero Dawn is celebrating its birthday with 10 million copies sold

Best birthday wishes to all the fans of Horizon: Zero Dawn!

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Free PlayStation Plus games for March announced

Two games will be available for free starting March 5th.

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One week left to grab your free February games on PS Plus and Xbox Gold

A great opportunity to try the games you've never intended on buying!