Pinch us if we’re dreaming, but EA just announced another batch of free content coming to their Star Wars: Squadrons game. Apparently, players will be getting two free updates that will be adding a new map, starfighters, ship components, and much more. Both of these updates should be released by the end of this year.

EA calls this initiative The Holiday Supply Drop and says that the game received a lot warmer reception than developers anticipated. To this end, they decided to dedicate some time and create more awesome content for the game which directly contradicts the statement by game’s creative director Ian Frazer. A few months back he said that Star Wars: Squadrons won’t have any future DLCs – we wrote about these statements on our blog as well. In all fairness, it really isn’t a DLC. It’s just a couple of huge free updates.

The free content will be released to the game separated into two parts. Update 3.0 will arrive on November 25th and will bring a new map called Fostar Haven. Players might remember this location from the game’s first prologue mission which has been altered to accommodate Feel Battles and Dogfight modes. 3.0 also brings tons of new weapons and ship components, so players will have a lot to play with until Update 4.0 rolls out.

Update 4.0 should land sometime in December and add some of Star Wars: Squadrons’ “most requested content to date.” This update should add two new legendary ships to the game’s roster – the B-Wing and TIE Defender. The New Republic’s B-Wing is classified as a bomber, whereas the TIE Defender is a fighter for the Imperial Navy. 

So yeah… Those who purchased Star Wars: Squadrons will have plenty of new things to enjoy in the coming months. If you’re a huge Star Wars fan and didn’t get the chance to check out this game, be sure to grab it. We got a great price for it!