It’s the last day of the month and that means that Sony has also revealed their line-up of free games with PlayStation Plus membership for this January. PlayStation fans will get a chance to get 3 free games -two for PlayStation 4 and one for PlayStation 5. All of these games will be available for you to claim from January 5th until February 1st.

Maneater (PS5)

PlayStation 5 players will have something very special for this January. A shark-RPG game Maneater will allow you to assume the role of a… shark, and do what sharks do best – eat people. It’s a weird but interesting RPG game featuring an open-world, a special leveling system, and plenty of enemy encounters (have you ever heard the phrase that a human is the most horrific predator of them all?).  It’s also worth mentioning that Maneater on PS5 will feature some technical upgrades – the game will support 4K resolution running at 60 frames per second and will allow you to enable ray-tracing. All in all, Maneater is a weird but welcome addition to PlayStation Plus free games library.

Shadow of the Tomb Raider (PS4)

Every gamer and non-gamer knows what to expect from a Tomb Raider game, so we won’t waste our breath. It’s the latest addition to the long-running Tomb Raider series featuring quality graphics, awesome puzzles, and engaging gameplay. If you’re into that, be sure to claim your copy while the offer lasts.

Greedfall (PS4)

Released in 2019, Greedfall failed to impress a big portion of western gamers and its sales weren’t as good as many have expected pre-launch. However, it was a big hit in Japan and managed to attract a significant audience which is rare for a Western-made game. Greedfall is worth checking out not just because it’s free for a limited time but also for the fact that it’s a fairly unique action RPG set in 17th century-stylized fantasy setting and earned a few awards for its artistic design. If that’s enough to make you curious, you should claim the offer while it’s available.

All of the games in this list are only available with an active PlayStation Plus membership. If you don’t have one, be sure to check out our store for some cheap PS Plus gift cards.