Hello and welcome to our third and final sum up on the latest open-world action-adventure FPS game made possible by the joint forces of ID Software and Avalanche Studios developers. When it comes to action at hand, RAGE 2 game is an equivalent to an erupting volcano, tsunami, meteor, and any other ground-breaking occurrence. And if you’ve been following our latest posts on the in-game weapons and abilities, you do know that the title means serious business.

So, if you’ve already read our two other articles, now you should be all psyched up and ready to acquire the necessary tools of disruption and havoc. And when it comes to RAGE 2 game, all of the tools available, of course, are of utmost importance. However, in your quest to achieving the supreme and final form of madness, you might have missed out on one more important aspect – the in-game inhabitants that you, with a concern-less mimic on your face, were blasting away just a second ago.

And honestly, if you’re about to split a guy in half, lit him on fire, drag him into a vortex, or ground slam him straight to Lucifer, you should at least know what’s his part in all this ruckus. We’re by no means advocating whether numerous RAGE 2 factions deserve this sort of punishment, or are your outlandish violence is really the right solution, we’re just merely asking you this – can you take a single glance on the perpetrators intents? It’ll only take 5 minutes, and then you’re off to blasting limbs again!

Thirty years have already passed since the events that we’ve witnessed in the first iteration, and a lot has changed since those days. The ecosystem and environment that you’ll get to experience here are both radically different. RAGE 2 factions that currently hold the respected land pieces are constantly at war with one another because their philosophies and style of living don’t match by quite a lot. We offer you an in-depth look on each of the 5 most predominant RAGE 2 factions, just so you’d know for whom and for what you’re giving the fast-express tickets elsewhere.

The Authority

While it is true that RAGE 2 factions have changed, some things are not meant to change on their own and the Authority is the prime example of that. You’ve had to deal with them in the first game, and now they return. The organization’s leader is still Martin Cross – he’s that fascist regime following nut-head with a particularly worrying vision on the world. Is he an old grumpy man now?

Unfortunately, no. The guy used to clone himself over and over again to avoid the unavoidable, and when that seemed to stop working, the general managed to top it off by merging his flesh with an exosuit. As far as RAGE 2 factions go, the Authority is the one with the most power, control, and impact. Their troops are under the complete supreme commander’s control, they come in large numbers and they also wield quite an advanced tech!

Verdict: When it comes to battle, they are truly endearing and formidable foes, however, when it comes to your personal entertainment – blasting these tech-enhanced soulless bags of meat makes for sensational fun and irreplaceable addition to achieving the highest possible quality of experience.  

Immortal Shrouded

No matter how much fun the Authority troops can provide you with, you shouldn’t forget that RAGE 2 factions don’t end with the Authority, in fact, it’s just a pre-starter. And the Authority is not the only militaristic organization here in the wasteland – the Immortal Shrouded bunch are by no means lacking in potential. Once they were in the alliance with the former organization, however, soon after, the leaders of Immortal Shrouded understood they are being used off, and then the real havoc enrolled.

The inner relationships between the five RAGE 2 factions are highly complex and intertwined in various aspects, and the relations between the Authority and the Immortal Shroud stand as a solid proof. The group follows a samurai-like code and so, in order to honorably end their ties with the Authority, every third soldier had to commit suicide. Ever since then and up until today, you can recognize them by the masks that cover their faces.

Verdict: They have highly trained and disciplined soldiers that use electric swords and cloaking devices, they are very fierce and won’t stop their pursuit until the very final breath. In terms of your own entertainment, RAGE 2 factions often fight in-between and we know that spectating can get as fun as participating. However, there’s nothing to worry about, you’ll still get to slay a whole bunch of these honor-preserving maniacs.

The Goon Squad

So far, RAGE 2 factions seem like highly advanced groups of fellows that strive for power and order in the best way they see fit but then you meet someone from the Goon Squad. The Goon Squad is probably the broadest and most reckless faction that unfortunately has spread throughout the entire wasteland. Their nihilistic ideas, chaotic nature, and absolute mockery for fear make them one of the toughest to deal with, for their allies dying nearby only excites those that are still alive!

While fighting against different RAGE 2 factions, you’ll have to adjust your tactics accordingly. For example, Immortal Shrouded will use intricate tactics to surround and disbalance you – not the Goons though. Oh no, these guys will rush straight at you while holding a grenade! Maximum carnage is what they’re all about, and safety, cover, or any form of coordination is out of the question. If you’d think about it for a minute, out of all the RAGE 2 factions, your controllable character has the most in common with the Goons…

Verdict: On the bright side, wherever you go, you may come across a Goon to splatter, so that’s fun. However, their notorious numbers can often get a bit overwhelming and their fanatical self-sacrificial intent is often very disbalancing. While in a fight against them, try to stay very focused because if the Goon Squad can teach you one thing, it’s that you must always expect the unexpected. On the entertainment level, the bunch presents 10/10 quality – a sincere bang for your buck.

The River Hogs

Honestly, RAGE 2 factions are awesome, their backstories are solid, and each faction’s members’ actions in battle represent the group’s ideology to the finest of detail. The River Hogs are no exception to the formula that the ID Software and Avalanche have laid. The bunch lives in the swamps, and you can tell it off immediately. It’s good that technology hasn’t come as far as smell yet. Basically, this group’s ideology is in the title – living like a hog, hedonism and indulgence included.

However, the Hogs are not to be underestimated. Like any other of RAGE 2 factions, these guys are heavily armed, head to toe, and they are more than sophisticated in weapon craftsmanship and engineering. Expect to deal with flamethrowers, giant exosuits, heavy machine guns, and shattering rocket launchers while you’re under their turf. What’s worse is that their defensive potential even exceeds their offensiveness – hedonism is quite hard to let go once you enroll in it, and this shows.

Verdict: By far one of the more interesting of RAGE 2 factions to fight against. You’ll be required to weight in the effectiveness versus flashiness when battling these guys. In terms of the entertainment level, facing against the River Hogs will require quite an effort out of you – remember, simply killing your foes is not the goal in RAGE 2 game. The goal is to find newer, better, and more violent ways to deal with your rivals, and these guys will do everything in their wild power to lock your creative potential away.

The Abadon

The Abadon group probably has the saddest backstory out of all RAGE 2 factions. Basically, if you’ve played through the original RAGE – back in the day the wasteland was infested with all kinds of mutant creatures. They were the result of numerous experiments made by the Authority. Once the Authority withdrew from the ongoing war and went underground to regroup and reform, these mutants were left behind like trash. The leaders amongst the mutants, known as Warheads, gathered the scattered experiments and formed a society that is now known as the Abadon.

Verdict: The Abadon mutants which you’ll be facing plenty in RAGE 2 game, are actually the success stories of thousands of mutations that went back in the original RAGE, so we can only imagine what would the failed experiments look like if they were ever shown. Killing the biggest of these, like the Warheads, honestly feels like an achievement rather than a form of amusement, and with each meat-mountain hitting the ground, you’ll further grow wary of your own power and potential. The entertainment here is overshadowed by the strive for progression, but that’s never a bad thing to experience.