Yesterday, PUBG Corp finally revealed something by which we were teased for quite a while. Apparently, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is getting a new map called Karakin, which will probably land to the game with the start of Season Six.

Karakin is a desert-themed map that looks a bit like Vikendi, an older PUBG map. These similarities are so apparent that some internet rumors are cropping up, suggesting that Karakin might replace Vikendi and it seems that these rumors could have some truth in it.

PUBG’s community manager Hawkinz was asked about Vikendi being removed from the game in the future and Hawkinz replied with a message which suggests that Karakin might indeed take the place of Vikendi.

However, after a portion of the community appeared to be horrified that the map might indeed be removed, Hawkinz cleared things up by stating that PUBG Corp has plans to rotate maps.

We hope to learn more about the future of PUBG in the coming week or so. PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Season Six is just around the corner so we hope to learn even more details about the upcoming changes to the game and how PUBG Corp will try to keep the game fresh and relevant.