Apex Legends Season 13 called Saviors begins on May 10th and it’s all about adding more rather than taking away. Saviors will double down on improving the Storm Point map with new points of interest, more loot, challenges, and of course, a new champion. It’s clear that Respawn is listening to the fan feedback and are trying to make Apex Legends to be the best Battle Royale experience possible. Let’s see what season 13 is all about and if you’re in, you can dive into the new season headfirst with cheaper Apex Coins.

What’s new in Apex Legends season 13?

The downed beast

The carcass of a defeated kaiju monster that emerged from the sea in the epic season 13 trailer lies rotting away. However, this is not just a cool decoration or a cosmetic addition to the map. It’s the new point of interest with tons of loot hidden quite literally – in the belly of the beast. Players will be able to enter and explore the carcass through its mouth or four gaping wounds in its body. As the lead level designer Jeff Shaw said: “This thing is kind of like a big, stuffed, loot piñata”. Ready to explore it?

A kaiju monster is the new point of interest in Apex Legends season 13

More loot

The kaiju’s presence triggered the security protocol and raised three Interstellar Manufacturing Corporation Armories to pop up nearby. From the gameplay perspective, which means more loot and gear. Once players enter the facilities, the doors shut down preventing the opposing players to enter, and 60-second PvE fights against waves of Spectre robots begin. According to the developers, these armories contain bins that are scanning your current equipment making the loot always valuable. It can be used to upgrade the current gear or supplement equipment players don’t have.

More loot awaits in the Interstellar Manufacturing Corporation Armories in Apex Legends season 13.

The new philosophy of adding to the existing maps rather than removing them is the new approach Respawn expects to implement in the future seasons. In addition, Respawn promises to rework the Ranking system to reward teamwork and skill. Sounds great!


No, it’s not the city in the UK, it’s the new star of Apex Legends season 13! Turns out, he’s Bangalore’s brother Jackson Williams who was supposed to be dead. Regardless, Newcastle is a passive champion, a protector if you will, who will be able to defend and revive downed teammates with his Revive Shield abilities. For his Ultimate, the champion jumps into the air and builds a protective shield that looks like a castle wall upon landing, hence the name – Newcastle.

The new Apex Legends champion Newcastle await with cheaper Apex Coins

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