It’s been a while since the latest Overwatch Developer Update video, but it’s finally here. Game director Jeff Kaplan broke the silence and shed some light about what the team was working on behind the curtains – a new Role Queue.

Overwatch Role Queue was implemented some time ago and received a lot of feedback from the players – the majority of it was positive but there were some downsides. Some players praised Blizzard for making Overwatch gameplay more balanced by allowing users to queue up to certain roles. However, as time went by, some players noticed that some roles (Damage Dealers in particular) were affected by very long wait times. This encouraged developers to look for a fix and the result of their labor is going live today.

Jeff Kaplan said that starting February 25th Overwatch PTR will receive a new version of Experimental Mode called Triple Damage. This means that instead of standard 2-2-2, players of the game will be able to queue up to 3-2-1 team composition. This means 3 damage dealers, 2 supports, and 1 tank. The team hopes that this change will shorten queue times for all the players who love playing damage dealer heroes.

This Experimental mode will also come with significant balance changes to some tank heroes especially off-tanks such as D.Va, Zarya or Roadhog in order to make them more attractive as solo tanks.

All of this sounds super interesting and we can’t wait to see how this experiment will turn out. You can join this event too – right now, we have an awesome price for the game!