Death Stranding might be one of the weirdest video games ever created. Or at least that’s what developers want you to think. Over the weekend, Hideo Kojima posted a new teaser video for his studios’ upcoming game which shows the outline of a human hand combined with the words ‘Create the rope’ and some mysterious objects flashing in the background.

We can speculate what it all means, but it’s safe to say that nobody knows for certain. Previously, Hideo Kojima revealed that connecting with others is going to be a huge part of Death Stranding, so the rope might serve as the means to achieve the said connection. At least that’s what the fans are speculating. However, the reference is so obscure that it might as well be flat out wrong.

Whichever is the case, Death Stranding is successfully continuing with the confusion surrounding the game. While previous trailers showed some bits of the game’s story and even gameplay, it’s still impossible to tell how the new Hideo Kojima’s game will play out. If you need a reminder about the previous game teases and videos, you can check them below.

So far, none of the theories regarding the new PlayStation exclusive have been confirmed as of right or wrong. In fact, we don’t even know if the game is coming to PlayStation 4 or the new and recently teased next-generation console. For now, there is no release date for the game which allows us to believe that it might get some time under the spotlight at E3 2019… Or not. Sony is skipping the show, so fans of Hideo Kojima’s games have to stay patient.