Fans of Minecraft are eagerly waiting for the new Minecraft themed AR mobile game called Minecraft Earth. If by some chance you’ve missed the news regarding it, we suggest you read our previous blog post and get acquainted. Especially now, when the Android users can sign-up for the closed beta test.

Until now, Minecraft Earth has been available only for iOS testers, who were comparing the game with Pokémon Go due to its AR technology. Players were free to roam the world and find nearby items known as Tappables which allows players to build together in Augmented Reality. However, iOS testers were too few, so Microsoft decided to invite a bit more people with Android devices.

In order to sign-up as a tester, you’ll need to have a mobile device running at least Android 7. Additionally, you have to be at least 18 years old and own an active Microsoft or Xbox Live account. If you meet the requirements, just fill in the form on the official Minecraft Earth’s website.

It’s also worth mentioning that current Minecraft Earth builds on iOS is not really smooth, so with the new influx of players from Android, we might expect a fresh build to reach current game players as well. For now, there’s no release date for Minecraft Earth, but Microsoft hopes to announce the full release sometime in 2020.