Over the weekend a lot of Minecraft related news was shared by Mojang. The annual MineCon Live 2019 kicked-off with a bang and gave fans of Minecraft a lot of reasons to get excited about the future. In this article, we want to give an overview of the most important announcements and share some additional details in case you missed the show entirely.

Nether Update

For those who are actively playing Minecraft, Mojang has shed some light on the newest update coming to the favorite game. The new update is called Nether Update, and it should add a lot of new things for players to explore. According to the announcement, the Nether Update will add “new biomes, mobs, structures, blocks and visual effects to the Nether to enhance its unique and scary atmosphere.”

Additionally, Mojang introduced a new civilization coming to the world called “Piglins”. However, it’s just a temporary name since fans can now vote on a new name here. Have something original in mind? Be sure to leave your suggestion!

Minecraft Dungeons cinematic

Probably one of the biggest MineCon Live 2019 announcements was the reveal of the opening cinematic for the upcoming action spin-off game called Minecraft Dungeons. Take a look:

The video tells a story about the random Illager, who finds a lost artefact and becomes the Arch-Illager, the main antagonist of the story. Players will be tasked with defeating this villain’s armies and restoring balance to the world. Sounds like a fairly decent set-up for a great RPG game.

In case you didn’t know, Minecraft Dungeons is aiming to make some waves in an action-adventure scene, offering players a chance to play Diablo-like game set in Minecraft Universe. The game will feature co-op mode and should be released on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch in spring 2020.

Minecraft Earth early access

In another bit of news, Microsoft and Mojang finally unveiled some details about their upcoming mobile game called Minecraft Earth. While the game is currently being tested in a closed environment, the developers finally announced that it’s nearing the stage of early access. According to Mojang, the game’s early access version will be released in selected countries in October. However, it won’t be long until everyone will get a chance to play it – Minecraft Earth is set to be released globally by the end of 2019.

If you haven’t heard about Minecraft Earth until now, be sure to check out our article about the game here.

Minecraft board game

And for the final reveal of MineCon Live 2019, a new board game got set in the Minecraft universe. Minecraft: Builders & Biomes is a new tabletop game created by a German company called Ravensburger. In it, you will be able to “explore the Overworld, mine rare resources, build fabulous structures, and collect weapons to defeat the mobs lurking around every corner.”

While the new tabletop game is not our cup of tea (we love everything digital), it’s still a nice bit of news for the hardcore Minecraft fans. If you’re interested, mark your calendars for November 15th.