Ever since the PlayStation Network was released to support PlayStation 3 way back in 2006, there was one pressing issue with the service that aimed to connect PlayStation players across the globe. To this day PlayStation Network has only several distinct regions that are supported by Sony. However, these regions do not include all the countries in the world, which means that certain players have to choose another region in order to use the service on their console. This poses a set of challenges that can be solved with PSN gift cards sold on various stores across the world.

While the majority of PlayStation games are released in physical format, there are plenty of exclusive titles that can be bought only via PlayStation Store. If you live in a country that doesn’t have its own region, the only way to buy games is to get an international credit card or purchase one of many PSN gift cards. The card gives you a unique code that can be activated on your PlayStation Network account.

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It’s also worth noting that you can activate your PSN gift card code anytime. PSN gift cards have no expiration date which means that you can save and trade these with your friends. This method also allows patient PlayStation players to be the first in line to pick up some sneaky deals during unexpected PlayStation Store sales without losing any money in the process. It can also be a perfect gift if you have a friend who’s a fan of PlayStation.

While this workaround is not perfect for the purists, it’s still a valid solution to the problem which plagued PSN for years. It’s hard to know if Sony is aware of the problems that players from smaller countries have to endure in order to enjoy their PlayStation console. However,  considering that there are many PSN gift cards in the market it might be that Sony decided to ignore the problem entirely.

Currently, we don’t know much about how this system will work after the transition to the next console generation, but we don’t expect any major changes. PlayStation 5 will support the same PS Network we know (and love) but some minor updates may still be on the horizon. Some internet detectives are speculating about Sony’s plans to add a few new regions, but for now, nothing is certain. According to recent data and future forecasts, PS5 might be even more popular than the old PlayStation 4, meaning that more players will bump into the same problem, so Sony might finally decide to do something about it. At this point, we’re only speculating…

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