Today was a great day for PlayStation fans. Some awesome dudes on the internet found a new Sony patent which was published on the Japanese Patent Office website. Why should you care? Well, the documents might be showing off a new PlayStation 5 controller and some of its features.

What appears to be a DualShock 5, looks a lot like its previous DualShock 4 iteration with a couple of interesting differences. First up is the obvious new design. The new controller seems to be more chubby, though, still retains all of its buttons on the front, including a massive touchpad that didn’t see much use in PlayStation 4 era games.

Second, DualShock 5 doesn’t seem to have a light bar on the top of the controller which is weird since on DualShock 4 this part was used to track motion for PlayStation VR device. It would also lit up in different colors, allowing our couch buddies to know which game character is under whose command… Well, that’s gone.

And finally, the new controller got a new USB-C port which can be utilized in various ways but is most commonly used for charging. DualShock 4 had a tendency to run out of its energy juice quite fast and charging took ages. We just hope that Sony addresses the issue with this new port addition.

Overall, DualShock 5 seems very familiar and that’s a good thing. Rumor has it that PlayStation 4 titles will feature backward compatibility on PlayStation 5, so familiarity might be a good way to go about the next generation. If Sony manages to improve DualShock 4 with some new tools while retaining its essence, we’ll be happy.