Some Hearthstone fans might remember Blizzard’s promise that came with Madness at the Darkmoon Fair announcement. Back in the day, the company made a pledge to release the game’s mini-expansions regularly. It seems that the time has come and the first one called The Darkmoon Races is ready to launch this week, on January 21st.

This new mini-update has the same theme and will feature 35 new cards. These new cards can be obtained via regular Darkmoon Faire packs but users who don’t fancy their chances can get them via a separate in-game purchase that costs 2000 gold (or 15 dollars if you’re not short on cash).

In addition to this new collection of cards, there are a few other areas of the game that received some new things. Hearthstone’s Battlegrounds game mode got two new heroes – Tickatus and Greybough, and a couple of new minions. In addition, Blizzard decided to update Duels mode adding 10 new Hero Powers, 25 new Signature Treasures (5 of which are Dual-Class), 4 new Passive Treasures, and 2 new Active Treasures.

There are plenty of other tweaks, bug fixes, and game improvements, so if you’re interested in the cards coming to the game, or want to learn more about other new things, be sure to check out this link.