We have some news for the PlayStation fans. The upcoming samurai action game by Sucker Punch, Ghost of Tsushima received some attention. During the recent State of Play presentation, developers revealed a bunch of new details about the game and gave players a chance to enjoy an in-depth look into the game’s systems.

For those who are a bit busier than usual, we just want to spill the beans about the most important thing we learned from the presentation. First and foremost – the stunning Ghost of Tsushima’s visuals. They are awesome. In fact, this time the developers of the game showed off some new locations in the open-world environment that you can photograph with a special photo mode and put it right up against your wall.

Oh yeah… Ghost of Tsushima will have an interesting photo mode which will allow players to play around with the visuals of the game – change color grading, depth of field, elements you see on the screen, and so on. A very cool feature for those who will want to make hundreds of screenshots during our first playthrough.

Another cool visual feature of the game is a new black-and-white samurai cinema mode. It does exactly what our description sounds like. Whilst browsing through the game’s settings, players will be able to turn on a grainy black-and-white mode which comes with Japanese language option featuring EN subtitles. And you can play an entire game with this feature turned on!

If you have time and would like to watch the entire conference you can skim through it in a video below:

Ghost of Tsushima will be released on July 17th for PlayStation 4 consoles.