Every year Final Fantasy XIV players can enjoy the in-game summer celebration called Moonfire Faire. This event includes a lot of special, limited-time quests which offers some cool exclusive rewards. This year’s celebration is already live and will be available until the 26th of August.

To participate in the Moonfire Faire you will need to have at least one character leveled up to 30. If that part is already done, just speak with Mayaru Moyaru, a NPC which can be found in the Upper Decks of Limsa Lominsa. According to the developers, this year’s event marks the return of the Eorzean Nimble Warrior course. However, the course will be revamped to “provide yet more high-flying thrills to acrobatically adept adventurers”.

As for rewards, after completing the quests, players will be able to earn a lot of summer-themed gear for their character. If you’re not interested in gear, you might also be tempted to complete the quest to acquire some rare decorations for your in-game house. Here’s a complete list of the rewards:

  • Moonfire Hachimaki (head gear)
  • White Painted Moogle Mask (head)
  • Black Painted Moogle Mask (head)
  • Painted Namazu Mask (head)
  • White Moonfire Happi (body)
  • Red Moonfire Happi (body)
  • Black Moonfire Happi (body)
  • Moonfire Tabi (feet)
  • Portable Pool (outdoor furnishing)
  • Wind Chime Stand (outdoor furnishing)
  • Moonfire Faire Advertisement (wall-mounted)

You can learn more about the event and its rewards in the official game page here. Be sure to hurry up before the time runs out. Moonfire Fair will be live on PC and PlayStation 4 for just a couple of weeks.