We already shared some good words about the upcoming FIFA 21 game that will have plenty of cool new additions and enhancements this year. However, this text won’t be about that. EA Sports are still playing clueless when the conversations shift towards the ability to play the game together across multiple platforms.

According to a Tweet by FIFA Direct Communication account, the new FIFA 21 game won’t have a cross-play of any kind. This means that even Xbox Series X and Xbox One, or PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4 gamers won’t be able to play together. The only thing we’re getting is the option to carry over our FUT progression from PS4 to PS5 and Xbox One to Xbox Series X.

The main question is why? While we could understand that in the past it was almost impossible to implement this, nowadays there are plenty of good examples and almost any new game features at least some kind of option to play with your buddies on other platforms. However, one of the most popular video games on the planet, made by one of the biggest game studios that are being released across all platforms doesn’t have this feature… Something doesn’t add up.

In our humble opinion, the most likely scenario is that EA expects to boost FIFA 21 sales in this way. If you own a home console you will want to own FIFA 21 – simple as that. More different consoles mean more sales. This is nothing new, however, it’s super annoying this time around. Console generation change highlights this shitty EA practice and fans across the world won’t accept it for much longer. 

There already were attempts to mobilize the community and boycott FIFA 21, but this movement needs to be bigger in order to make a difference. Fortnite did this, Rocket League did this, so why can’t see why FIFA 21 should be any exception. It’s all in your hands, dear FIFA fans.